eWAY integrations for WooCommerce, Events Manager, Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin

This post is more than 11 years old.

The eWAY Payment Gateway plugin now has integrations for WooCommerce, Events Manager Pro, and Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin with support for Australian customers of eWAY. And it’s still free!


  • card holder’s name can be different to the purchaser’s name
  • basic data validation performed before submitting to eWAY
  • eWAY transaction ID and bank authcode are recorded for successful payments
  • supports Stored Payments for drop-ship merchants / delayed billing
  • supports Beagle anti-fraud measures for Direct Payments (except Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin)
  • drop-in compatible with eWAY payment gateway from the WP e-Commerce Gold Cart plugin
  • it’s free!

Integrations for Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin and Events Manager Pro were generously sponsored by Michael Major Media. Thanks for supporting new features for eWAY Payment Gateway!