Stored payments and Beagle anti-fraud protection for eWAY payment gateways

This post is more than 11 years old.

My eWAY payment gateways for WP e-Commerce and Gravity Forms now have some new features that should help some merchants building e-commerce solutions.

Stored Payments

Like Direct Payments, purchase information is sent to eWAY for processing, but with Stored Payments it isn’t processed right away. The merchant needs to login to their eWAY Business Centre to complete each transaction. It’s a useful feature for shops that do drop-shipping and want to delay billing. NB: most merchants will probably want to set this to No.

Beagle anti-fraud protection

Beagle is a service from eWAY that provides a level of fraud protection for your transactions. It uses information about the IP address of the purchaser to suggest whether there is a risk of fraud. You must configure Beagle rules in your MYeWAY console before enabling Beagle.


I finally added the bank authcode to the transaction logs / entry details, so if you need to find this code to quote to your bank, it’s as easy as looking in your WordPress admin.

Merge Tags

You can now add the transaction ID, authcode, payment amount and Beagle score to Gravity Forms notification emails. Browse to your Gravity Form, select Notifications and use the Insert Merge Tag dropdown (Payment Amount, Transaction Number and Auth Code will appear under Custom at the very bottom of the dropdown list).